Chelgi Stories
Chelgi Stories

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What he did not expect was to find his size, and his perception of reality, changing. Wife gangbang Revisited by chulu Rated: G [ Reviews - 2 ].

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Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property Chelgi Stories the author. No money is being made from this Neugierige Kollegen. No copyright infringement is intended. Chelgi Stories Chelgi Real name:. Crush by Chelgi Rated: X [ Reviews - 1 ]. Evy by Chelgi Rated: X [ Reviews - 0 ]. Summary: Man found shrunk and she has her way with him.

Summary: a young woman who gets what she wants, because she has the power to shrink decides to take what she wants. Revisited by chulu Rated: G [ Reviews - 2 Chelgi Stories. Summary: This is a story that was originally created by Chelgi called "The Visit. Summary: While out for a walk a man runs into a woman who decides to shrink him.

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Adult Erotic Stories : By niche - a Sex Stories. Chelgi Stories

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Dec 10,  · Stories by Chelgi. Aronld Inside by Chelgi Rated: X [Reviews - 4]. Summary: A woman finds a new way to shop, and in the process shrinks the salesmen. Categories: Adult , Body Exploration, Insertion Characters: None Growth: None Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.) Size Roles: None Warnings: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences. The Birdcage by Chelgi She likes to capture men 08/07/ The Birdcageby ChelgiShe likes to capture men, shrink them and then use themUpdate: 03/10/ to giantess ChelgiSunday morning so early that the sun is just barely upand no one else seems to be. Giantess stories Giantesses are very common in the world of myth and legend - there must be a good reason for this. Attack of the meter dom and the 94 meter submissive A giantess dominatrix and her pet wreak havoc upon a helpless city By Kat's Master (11/Aug/97) Listen to the story.
Chelgi Stories

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Adult Erotic Sex Stories. By Niche By By By Date By Rating By Reviews Moderation queue By Author. Adult diaper. 16 Adult stories. Amazing stories. Anal stories. Analsex. Aunty stories. Babysitter stories. 59 Ballbusting stories. 1 Bbw stories. 50 Bdsm stories. 63 Bedtime for adults. 13 Bedtime stories. Dec 23,  · A visit to the nurse gets interesting. An interview with Whitney Thore goes deeper than expected. Searching for a professional Mother/Mistress. He ends up on the wrong side of three chicks with dicks. Husband collects for debt owed to wife. and other exciting erotic at baltic-rally.eu! When I was 19 years of age I had a sexual encounter with a large curvy friend of my mom. Her name was Brenda and she was very tall, very curvy with huge tits and ass. I think my mom told me once that Brenda was six feet six inches and weighed twenty baltic-rally.eug: Chelgi.

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Chelgi Stories

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