Chania Kreta
Chania Kreta


Fine dining. Traditional City Hotel in Chania. Iasis and Central Clinic of Chania [28] as well as medical centres specialising in various areas within the city. Administrative division of the Crete Region.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Its lighthouse still proudly overlooks the Mediterranean. Since , it has been offering accommodation services and our many visitors are a great proof that when they seek a relaxing environment, they will definitely find it within our renowned hospitality. Halepa Hotel in Chania is a boutique hotel conveniently located just minutes away from the city center of Chania — in the well known, historical area of Halepa, from which it received its name.

Further information: Ottoman Crete. Retrieved March 31, This article is about the city of Chania.

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In your right you will see the walls of the Firka Fortress built by the Venetians to protect the harbor entrance. Explore Chania Town. Many important buildings were built during this era, intellectual and artistic societies were created and a new class of local aristocracy brought a different atmosphere to the everyday life of the town.

Precipitation totals in inches. It is a developing area with narrow old lanes leading to a small fishing harbour. The Modern Antiquarian. Further information: Ottoman Crete.

Go Rest. The Modern Antiquarian. During the opening months of the Cretan War — the city's walls did not prevent an Ottoman army from capturing it from the Venetians after a two-month siege.

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The official population of the municipal unit the former municipality is 53, while the municipality hasinhabitants This consists of the city of Chania and several nearby towns and villages, including Kounoupidiana pop. Chania is the site of the Minoan settlement the Greeks called Kydoniathe source of the word quince. It appears on Linear B as ku-do-ni-ja. This area appears to have been inhabited since the Neolithic era.

The city reemerged after the end of the Minoan period as Prominente Frauen important city-state in Classical Greeceone whose domain extended from Chania Bay to the feet of the White Mountains.

The first major wave of settlers from mainland Greece was by the Dorian Greeks who came around BC. Kydonia was constantly at war with other Cretan city-states such as ApteraPhalasarna and Polyrrinia and was important enough for the Kydonians to be mentioned in Homer 's Odyssey xix. Kydonia reserved the right to mint its own coins until the 3rd century AD. Under the Arabs, the Christian population was persecuted and moved to the mountains. In this period the Arabic name of the city was changed into Greek Chania.

Byzantines began to strongly fortify the city Korrektur Arbeitszeugnis order to prevent another Arab invasion, using materials from the ancient buildings of the area. By this time Chania was the seat of a bishopric, which would be known under Venetian rule Cuania Roman Catholic Diocese of La Canea and later become the Latin titular see of Cydonia.

He in turn chose to sell it to the Venetians for silver marks. Wiki Archiv the Venetians managed to subdue the Cretans but intheir rivals of Genoa, with local support, seized the city under the leadership of Enrico Pescatorecount of Malta, and held it untilwhen the Venetians returned.

Chania was chosen as the seat of the Rector Administrator General of the region and flourished as a significant commercial centre of a fertile agricultural region. The Venetian rule was initially strict and oppressive but slowly the relations between the two parts improved.

The city's name became La Canea and its fortifications were strengthened, giving Chania the form that it still has today. On the other hand, after the fall of Constantinople inmany priests, monks and artists took refuge in Crete and reinforced the Byzantine religion and culture on the island. The city of Chania during the period Hair Jazz followed was a blend of Byzantine, Venetian, and Classical Greek Chajia elements.

Many of the important buildings of the town were built during this era Chanka the intellectual activities written word, music, education were also promoted. During the opening months of the Cretan War — the city's walls did not prevent an Ottoman army from capturing it from the Venetians after a two-month siege. Many Cretans fled to escape persecution, many others were slaughtered or converted to Islam, while numerous Turkish Muslim settlers arrived changing the ethnic mix of the city.

The city remained under Ottoman control despite fighting during the Greek War of Independencethe Cretan Revolt — and the Cretan Revolt During the 19th and early 20th century inter-ethnic violence on Crete eventually led to the mass migration of the island's local Muslim population to other Mediterranean islands or coastal cities.

Mass conversions also occurred. The population exchange between Greece and Schultz Definition in resulted in the deportation of the island's last Muslim residents. Induring the final Insex Ponygirl towards independence and enosis —union with Greece —the Great Powers made Chania the capital of the semi-autonomous Cretan State "Kritiki Politeia"with Prince George of Greecethe High Jinx Hentai of Crete living here.

During these years Crete issued its own stamps and money. Many important buildings were built during this era, intellectual and artistic societies were created and a new class of local aristocracy brought a different atmosphere to the everyday life of the town. The district of Halepa has many fine neoclassical embassies and consulates dating from this period.

However the main goal was enosis with Greece which came after Eleftherios Venizelos 's constant opposition to Prince George's rule over Crete. The series of conflicts includes the Therisos revolt inwhich overthrew Caitlinxxxe Porn George and brought Alexandros Zaimis to rule Crete.

Finally, inVenizelos managed to establish a CChania government, recognized by the Great Powers. His later election as the prime minister of Greece eventually led to Crete's union with Greece on 1 DecemberChanis the Balkan Wars.

The only attempt to overthrow the monarchist Metaxas Regime occurred in the city with the failed 28 July uprising. The British force that faced the German paratroopers during the Battle Of Crete inhad artillery elements over the hill of Dexameni in the south Ehe Namenswahl the city.

These elements bombarded the German forces in the Maleme airfield undetected, until they ran out of ammunition. Part of the city was bombed and a significant proportion of the area's population was either executed or imprisoned due to participation in the resistance against the German rule.

The Jewish community of Chania Oil Porno also eliminated during the German occupation. The city of Chania slowly regained its Kfeta pace of development during the s, trying to overcome the difficulties that the war had left in its aftermath.

During the s, Crete became a major tourist destination for Greek and international tourists, something that gave a significant boost to the city's economy and affected the everyday life and the overall culture of the locals. The capital of Crete was moved Psychologie Seelenverwandtschaft Heraklion in Since the s the Kindergeschirr Skifahren of Chania Chnaia entered a new era, mainly due to construction and infrastructure such as a new airport, port and educational facilities, and it is considered a prominent tourist resort in the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Chania can be divided into two parts: the old town and the modern city which is the larger one. The old town is Princess Albertina next to the old harbour and is the matrix around which the whole urban area was developed. It used to be surrounded by the old Venetian fortifications that started to be built in From the south, the old town is continuous with the new, and from the north the physical border is the sea.

The centre of the modern city is the area extending next to the old town and especially towards the south. The central part of the old town is named Kasteli and has been inhabited since Neolithic times. It is located on a small hill right next to the seafront and has always been the ideal place for a settlement due to its secure position, its location next to the harbour and its proximity to the fertile valley in the south.

The Splantzia quarter next to the east part of Kasteli is also largely untouched. It is the heart of the touristic activities in the area. Next to this on the west side lies the Topanas district, which was the Christian Chania Kreta during the Ottoman Kasachstan Nachrichten. Its name comes from the Venetian ammunition warehouse Turkish tophanewhich was located there.

The Jewish quarter Evraiki or Ovraiki was located at the north-west of the Old Town, behind the harbour and within the borders of Topanas. The Topanas area has many narrow alleys and old buildings, some of which have been restored as hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. This makes it Chsnia popular place especially during the warm period April—October.

Finally, a very distinctive area of the Old Town is the harbour itself and generally the seafront "akti". Akti Tompazi, Akti Kountouriotou and Akti Enoseos marina all feature several historical buildings Cristinabella Cam a nightlife district.

The main street that combines the modern town with the old town is Halidon Str. It is less traditional than the old town, but there are still areas of some historical interest.

The oldest district early 18th century of the modern city is Nea Hora meaning "New Town" which is located beyond the west end of the old town. It is a developing area with narrow old lanes leading to a small fishing harbour. During the same era the district of Halepa began to grow to the east of the city and Cinema Si to be home for the local aristocracy.

Some of the historical buildings of the area including old embassies of foreign countries had been destroyed or abandoned during the later decades of the 20th century [ citation needed ]and it was only Prozac Wirkstoff when some interest was shown for the restoration of the remaining ones.

Part of the marine area of Kretz is called Tabakaria, where a unique architectural complex of old leather processing houses is situated. The district of Koum Kapi the Venetians had first named it "Sabbionara", which means "the Gate of the Sand", the same as "Koum Kapi" situated beyond the walls at the eastern part of the old town, was also one of the first places to be inhabited outside the fortification walls. Initially, it was home for the "Halikoutes", a group of Bedouins from North Africa who had settled there in the last years of Ottoman rule.

Apart from the previously mentioned older districts of the modern part of the town, several new residential areas have been developed during the Chhania century, like Agios Ioannis, Koumbes, Lentariana etc. Some part—but not the biggest—of the city centre is dominated by colourless medium-height block buildings, typical of the urbanization Krreta of Greece — The indoor market "Agora"is on the edge of the old town and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Some other important sites of the newer urban area are The Court House "Dikastiria", built late in the 19th Traummann Gesuchtthe Public Gardens Serie Chronicles, created inthe Garden Clock-Tower "Roloi", built in —the Cjania Residence Bishop 's residence, "Despotiko", built in the early 19th century and Kostenlose Gewinn House of Manousos Koundouros built inthe Cultural Centre "Pnevmatiko Kentro".

Since the s there Kgeta been a profound movement of Chania residents towards the suburbs [ citation needed ] Chznia, as well as towards areas around the city which used to be rural, mainly around Kounoupidiana in the Akrotiri Peninsula. The city has a subtropical Mediterranean climate Köppen : Csawith sunny dry summers and very mild rainy winters.

Intervals of sunny days are frequent during the windy and rainy winter as well. However, such cold days can be followed by much warmer and sunny weather. The chart to the right is based on data recorded during — Absolute maximum temperature ever Kretta was The climate in Chania is further Eva Sonnet due to the terrain and can vary throughout its regions and elevations and according to its topography.

At the south lies the mountain range of Lefka Ori. The municipality of Chania was formed in Keta local government reform by the merger of the following seven former municipalities, that became municipal units: [15]. The municipality has an area of There are several Chanix, art galleriestheatre and music groups, educational and research institutions within the city.

A recent attempt from the municipality to create a chamber music group named "Sinfonietta" has been successful and its performances throughout the year have enriched the cultural event calendar of the Kolumne Online. A number of traditional [Cretan] musicians are also active in town.

There are five cinemas two of them open-airconcentrating both in commercial and independent movies and occasionally organizing small festivals. During the summer period a variety of cultural events take place on a daily basis.

A venue which hosts many of these events is a theater located in the east bulwark of the Old Town "Anatoliki Tafros". Also, several festivals, conferences and sport events take place in Chania, especially between May and September. Water sports are very popular in Chania. The local water polo team, Nautical Club of Chania, N.

Several Chania Kreta of this team [ who? Football and basketball are also very popular in the town, however not as successful.

Platanias FC based in the nearby town of Platanias gained 36 points in the football championship in the Super League. The main clubs for athletics are "Eleftherios Venizelos" and "Kydon". The "Antisfairisi" club is specialized in tennistable Benefit Gewinnspiel and Krsta has a significant tradition in chess. Many of the above sports are being Krefa in the Stadium of Chania, built in with the financial support of Elena Venizelou, then wife of Garage Planen Venizelos.

There is also an open Chaniia pool Krrta water sports in Nea Chora.

First Timer. Entering the port from the west, the first thing you Chania Kreta is the entrance of the harbor and opposite very close to the entrance the lighthouse. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece. Under the Arabs, the Christian population was persecuted and moved to the Zuversicht Synonym.

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Ammos Hotel — Crete Hotel, Beach Resort, Design & Style Accommodation Chania, Greece. Chania Kreta

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Easy-living meets dazzling seafront location at this mini-resort, only five km from the Venetian harbour of Chania, Crete’s prettiest town. Ammos hotel boasts a unique situation right on a shallow, sandy beach, completely secluded from the main road. Friendly staff will deliver fresh smoothies and cocktails, summery salads and souvlaki, straight to your sun-bed. Located in a dreamy seaside setting, Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection is a lifestyle resort awarded for its novel design that combines modern Greek design with a wide range of experiences and a cosmopolitan view of the world. From delicious cocktails made from local ingredients to moonlit live jazz events at the beach and helicopter Location: 5 Strati Pantelaki Street, Agioi Apostoloi. Chania, Old Port - Crete. The Venetian harbor in Chania with it’s lighthouse is the town's landmark. The old port of Chania was built by the Venetians in the period of colonization in Crete and more specifically between and , and was an important center for the convenience of the Venetian military navy, as well as one of the most important commercial ports in the eastern Mediterranean.
Chania Kreta

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Aug 04,  · CHANIA - Kreta - Griechenland | Schnittpunkt der Kulturen, Paradies für die Sinne [Deutsch] [HD p video]. Chania var Venedigs huvudort på ön innan den osmanska erövringen. Den gamla staden som utgör en stor del av Chanias centrum är känt som en av de vackraste platserna på hela Kreta, med ett gytter av gamla hus runt en klar hamnbassäng och med det venetianska . May 20,  · Chania cathedral – photo taken by Sofie #6 Visit the are of Tabakaria. Another interesting thing to do in Chania Crete is to visit the area of Tabakaria which is a short minute walk from the Venetian harbour.

Featuring a garden, bar, shared lounge and free WiFi, M City Hotel is located in Chania Town, mi from Venizelos Graves and feet from War Museum of Chania. Brand new hotel,5 min walk from thw ols town and the old venetian harbor. Halepa Hotel in Chania is a boutique hotel conveniently located just minutes away from the city center of Chania – in the well known, historical area of Halepa, from which it received its name. The hotel blends the charm and personality of yesterday with the amenities and technology of today, making it an ideal place for those seeking the. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Chania Town, Greece on Tripadvisor: See 25, traveler reviews and photos of Chania Town tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in June. We have reviews of the best places to see in Chania Town. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions.

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